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  • The Benefits of Living in Durham, NC

  • Durham North Carolina is an interesting place, full of colorful people as well as offering a wide variety of things to do for people of all ages. Perhaps the major benefits of living in Durham is often overlooked by residents of the city. CNN/Money Magazine and News/Oxy.com both ranked this city as the best place to retire in the United States.  This may be due to the top notch quality care from the five major hospitals located throughout the city. Duke University Medical Center, known worldwide is one of the leading hospitals in the country, specializing in cancer treatment. It’s not surprising that so many folks choose Durham to retire, however Durham’s hospitals are not the only factor that keeps people coming to retire.

    Durham, while being a great place to retire also has a wide range of things to do for it’s residents. Located 130 miles from the coast to the east and 140 miles from the Appalachian Mountains, Durham is conveniently close to beautiful mountains and local beaches. As far as Durham’s climate is concerned, this city has an average temperature of 69.1 degrees with a low average of 46 degrees. Outdoor activities are also another aspect of the city that makes Durham a top place to live in the United States. Outdoor sports like golfing, Frisbee golf, swimming and baseball are just a few of the activities residents enjoy.  Durham also boast the Durham Bulls baseball team with games played seasonally at the Bulls Stadium located in  downtown Downtown.

    If you’re into dining out Durham North Carolina offers some of the finest southern barbeque in the country. The Q-Shack located on University Drive in Durham, offers ribs, brisket and pork dishes as well as hamburgers.  This popular eatery is one of many which keeps residents and tourist coming back. One of the more popular slogan’s of Durham North Carolina is “Good Things Are Happening In Durham”.  With this slogan in mind, it’s no wonder residents come to this city and never look back. Another popular eatery in Durham is Elmo’s diner located on Ninth Street in downtown Durham. This restaurant offers homemade cooking at very reasonable prices.  Daily specials are offered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Check out Elmo’s Diner at http://elmosdiner.com/

    For residents into the creative side of life, Durham has it’s share of art centers and galleries. The Nasher Museum Of Art located at Duke University is a world class center allowing residents to display their artwork in a variety of settings. Be sure to visit the museum of art if you are a resident of just passing through.  Check out this link for info. http://nasher.duke.edu/.  Another popular attraction is Durham N.C. Is the Museum Of Life And Sciences.  Memberships are available to the museum which offers a wide choice of hands on activities.  Annual memberships are priced reasonably and perfect for local families looking to experience Durham’s history.  Here, you can see the Apollo eight space capsule, the dinosaur trail Elerbee Creek Railway. This is cool old time railway which takes visitors around the museum. For a further look at Durham’s Museum of Life And Science, be sure to check this link. http://www.mydurhaminfo.com/visitors/vi_request.aspx

    These are just a few of the many things to do and see in Durham North Carolina and shows why this city is one of the top choices for both the young and retired.  This is a city with a lot of history, there’s no question about it.  Apart from being one of the best places to get medical care, there really is a lot to do in this city.  Rental and home prices in this city are moderately priced with the housing market median cost of $169,000 in 2014.  Obviously, if your working in the health care field, there is a lot of options.  As more folks relocate to Durham to retire, health care positions at any of the five hospitals are sure to be available on an ongoing basis.

    So, there you have it, just a few things that make Durham North Carolina a top pick for people all across the country. While Durham may not be for everyone, it’s residents pride themselves in cultural diversity, athletics and of course good ol’ southern hospitality. For some more cool facts and reasons Durham ranks as a top city to live in see here! http://www.citytowninfo.com/places/north-carolina/durham